Love makes the world go around and an engagement photoshoot is all about love. There are so many reasons I love photographing newly-engaged couples. They are excited and giddy with love, which is lovely to be around. Also, it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other before the wedding day. Finally, we can explore beautiful locations without being restricted by time or schedules.

For every engagement photo session, I am taking images to showcase your personalities, bond and love language. Romantic souls love to get photos holding hands, cuddling and kissing while free-spirited lovers want to play, talk and laugh a lot. Most couples are a combination of all these things and all my clients love creative, stylish and modern imagery.

If you are looking for Vancouver wedding photography services, there is no better way to try out the experience than by having an engagement shoot first. Let’s meet and take gorgeous engagement photos that you will treasure forever. I offer film or digital photography or a combination of both, which I’m a big fan of since both mediums are lovely so why not use both?