When you look at your wedding photography collection, my intention is for your heart to sing. I’m always aiming to exceed expectations with stunning imagery that is authentic, moving, emotional and soulful.

Sharing the wedding album with my clients is a highlight of my job. I know it is a joyful experience as you lay your eyes on your photos for the first time and experience the wedding day again in a new way.

Discovering favourite images, seeing moments for the first time and realizing how gorgeous you looked that day is an event in itself. In fact, I recommend couples light some candles and open a bottle of wine to view their wedding photography. Create another romantic memory to share together and take time to appreciate your wedding day again.

Capturing your beauty and love on the day you have prepared for in your mind, perhaps since childhood, is an honour. I shoot to document your love story and connection as you hold hands and embark on married life together. It is an event to be celebrated, cherished and remembered.

Why choose between film or digital when you can have both. I believe I am one of the few Vancouver wedding photographers offering a combination of both mediums. There is a classic beauty and romance to film photography that will always be in style, yet digital is fabulous and versatile. The best of both worlds is yours!